What is Fiverr Pro?


Fiverr is basically a search engine like Google, where you can type your search query, and the engine will display results based on the query of searcher. That what it is in simple terms, but technically speaking, it is an online market place to hire people and get hired for work, an online market place, and online outsourcing.

It was founded in 2010 by two Israeli entrepreneurs Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger. They always had the idea of creating an online platform or market place that will function as a commonplace for people who are selling their products and services and to them who are seeking or in need of their services and products. 

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Since the establishment of Fiverr, it has helped many freelancers to get contracts both short time and long time and also helped few bunches of people to land full-time jobs.  The services that are available in Fiverr can range from Coding, Writing, Image and Video Manipulation, and Translation. All the deal take place directly via each user profile, but the rates are set by the Fiverr, a basic service can cost about $5, and it can go up to thousands of dollars solely depending on the kind of services. 

If the service seekers want extra services, it would then would pay some amount of money, and these extra are called “Gigs.” It is reported that the company hosted about 1.3 million gigs two years later its formation. Fiverr has well-established access, and it is available in mobile format after it was released in the Apple App Site and Google Play Store in late 2013 and early 2014.

The payment of Fiverr is a simple process; just you need to tell them how you would like to set your money/payment option i.e., via Credit Card, PayPal, etc.  

What Is Fiverr Pro?

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Fiverr Pro is services that began in 2017; it allows buyers to find top sellers or services providers with experience in their respective fields. And it also helps the services providers to set their own rates this charging for the services. 

There is no hidden charge in signing up for Fiverr Pro, but they will charge a minimum amount of money as brokerage fees. 

How To Be Selected In Fiverr Pro?

Only the top 1% of the user provider becomes part of the Fiverr Pro that shows how competitive the market place is. The application process is known as Vetting, which can be explained in three steps.

  1. Technical Vetting Or Profile or Portfolio
  2. Round 1 Vetting
  3. Round 2 Vetting

Technical Vetting is submitting your portfolio for reviewing. After a profile has been selected, it goes through two rounds of professional, which can include experience, professional level, and quality of service if you pass all the rounds of interview congratulations.    


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