The best online PC games that you must play


Games!! Games are one such things that people love playing no matter how old you are. In the fixed and busy schedule, be it for kids or grown up, you might really want some time where you can get yourself relaxed and keep your mind fresh. There are many games that are on the top list of many people where it not only helps you in spending some relaxed time but also you can connect to people, have a competitive nature and receive more information. Here is the list of some of the best online PC games that you must play.

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Pub G

Pub G is one of the most loved and very popular game which can played on many different platforms like PC, Android, Xbox and IOS. This is a paid game which can cost you around $29.99. Pug G or Player unknown battle ground is a very competitive and addictive game which is one the top list.


CS: GO is also one of the best online PC games that is highly recommended to all the people who are looking for some new fun game. This is a traditional shooter game available on MAC, Linux, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 where the advanced versions of this games is paid. There is also a free version but is bound with certain limitations.

Do Ta 2

Do Ta 2 is also one of the finest online PC games that can played on many different platforms like PC, Linux and MAC. This game is completely free for all the users. Do Ta 2 can be a little complexed for beginners as this is a deep strategic game which can get little complexed for starters.


Fortnite is another popular game that is played and loved by many of the people which can be played on various platforms like PC, MAC, Xbox ONE, Android and IOS. This game is free for PvP and PvE has a paid version of this game. This game is all about the survival on the battle ground.

These are some of the best online PC games which are highly recommended and are very popular too. These online games are fee and also have paid versions too. you can now play any of these games and have a fun time which is accessible to many different platforms. Keep visiting to know more on such interesting articles.

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