The best investor in world


In today’s world a 9 to 5 job is just not enough to accomplish all your dreams and have a successful life that you have ever dreamt of. A regular job can just never satisfy your needs and increase your income. For higher returns the best choice you can make is to invest on many things and once such is stocks. In this world where every single info is readily available on the web and we all are educate you can clearly get to know on what to invest and what not. There are many of them who have worked hard and are now millionaire by investing on right stocks and shares.

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The best investor in world

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is the top investor of this world who have grown successfully in the past few years and now is the richest investor. He is one of the biggest inspirations to many of the investors who are willing to grow in this field.

John Bogle

John Bogle is one of the most known and the top investor of this world. John Bogle who is also known as jack is the founder of vanguard group which is for mutual funds and many others. His one rule to success is by investing on low funds and working on them.

Carl Icahn

Another best investor in world is Carl Icahn who is a well-known personality in the investment sector. He is also known as ruthless corporate leader and also the leader of shareholder activism as he comes with a complete different plan of investing and gaining high returns of the same.

Bill Gross

Bill Gross is also one of the finest investors in the world of investing where he is popularly known as the king of bonds. He has the fixed income from investments of around $600 Billion who is also the owner of PIMCO. He truly believes to invest on bonds.

These are some of the best investor in world who have picked the right stocks and shares to invest on. These are the most successful investor all across the globe who have invested on the right company and now are millionaires. There are many other such investors who have done exceptionally well and are growing towards there success. I hope you got the info you have been looking for and liked this post. Keep visiting to know about such interesting article.

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