Site Ground Reviews 2019


SIteGround is one of the most popular shared hosting providers. They also offer cloud hosting, dedicated servers, and optimized hosting plans for WordPress, Joomla, or WooCommerce. Since many plans are being offers by SiteGround, you could easily get confused to choose the plan that will be ideal for you. Let us have a look at the plans SiteGround offers and the cost of each plan.

There is a significant difference in the price of the plans that are being offered. SiteGround offers three plans for shared hosting – StartUp plan, GrowBig Plan, and GoGeek Plan. SiteGround, in general, uses Cpanel for shared hosting in all their plans and is the best for WordPress sites.

Guide to choosing the best plans offered by SiteGround

Unlike WP Engine, SiteGround allows you to have unlimited visits for the sites.

StartUp Plan

hosting plan is available at a very low cost, and this is also very difficult to recommend. The startup plan is available at $3.95/month, and upon renewal, you will be able to use it at $11.95 a month. Using this package, you will be able to host only one website, and you wouldn’t get much traffic as well, and you won’t need many server resources as well. This plan doesn’t include SuperCacher technology and thus you are forced to use the WP Super Cache plugin. The plan’s database size is 500MB and cannot store more than 150,000 files for each account. You will also have 300,000 CPU-seconds limitation for every month.

GrowBig Plan

the plan comes with many features and is a very popular package. It also offers a free SSL certificate and SuperCacher technology. You will also be able to have 30 copies of your website backup. You could still use a backup plugin when working on WordPress. This plan will cost you $19.95 a month after renewal. The plan is suitable for any website having medium traffic. This is highly recommended as it increases the speed of your site, and it is already available in your plan.

GoGeek Plan

the plan is the costliest of the above-mentioned plans. And it’s a favorite because it possesses all the top-notch features. This is also because it can handle a large amount of traffic. This plan also provides a one-click installation for WordPress and Joomla sites. The servers also comply with PCI, and this is mandatory for e-commerce websites.

With this plan, you will be able to get the disk space of 30 GB. You will be able to enjoy backup activations for free on your demand, and version control software GIT is included too. Thus this plan costs you $34.95 a month on renewing your account. The renewal fee may demotivate you, but it is worth all the traffic you will be hosting.

Summing up, you could go for the StartUp plan if you are only running static or HTML sites. It helps you with WordPress, but it ain’t that great at it. If you want to use one or two WordPress sites, you could go for the GrowBig plan, as it can handle better traffic than the StartUp plan, and you could choose the GoGeek plan if you are running various WordPress sites, WooCommerce, or if you need staging.


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