IPage Pros & Cons


Ipage is one of the hosting providing company which targets the beginner’s and the people who are budget conscious. They mostly focus on small businesses, who try to expand their business and bring their presence in online world quickly and easily. It is very easy to use and technical stuff is handled by the staff of the company. It was started in 1998 with a vision of becoming world’s largest hosting provider company.

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IPage hosts business, nonprofit, social and personal websites. They offer various plans with many offers and discounts. They have many loyal customers which only use IPage for their hosting and website building. It offers unlimited bandwidth, storage, email accounts and many more features, which makes it the best hosting provider in the world. It sends the money in 30 days back to the customer, if they are not able to use the services properly due to company’s technical problem.  The customer support is available 24/7. 

Pros of IPage:

  • Plan & Feature Simplicity – The simplicity of the plans is very nice in it. There is one hosting plan which includes unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited email accounts. In IPage you can compare different plans after comparing it simply in the site. You can get plans which are specifically dedicated for word press. The Go plan is for $9.99 per month. You can get discounts also if you use the plans continuously. 
  • Value Pricing – IPage offers many discounts and offers in plans according to the time length. You can change the plans according to your liking. For introductory you can sign up for 3 years. 

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  • Support Channels – The customer support is available 24/7. You can just ping them anytime even at midnight. The response which they give is very proper and accurate for the questions asked. You can just give them a call also, and ask about your problems to them, they solve it very nicely and politely even at 2am. 

Cons of IPage:

  • Long term pricing – The starting price of the plan is fixed for 3 years, which means if you take the plan than you will pay directly for 3 years not less than that.
  • Upsells – Like any other website you will get request for other products also and they will try to push their services too much to their customers. 
  • Performance – Sometimes it may go slow during buying process. But after sometime it again comes back to the same speed. 

IPage is a very budget friendly website for hosting. You can trust on them easily and talk to their customer support anytime in the day and night. You will get email accounts and domain names for free with the hosting. 


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