Essential trading rules that you must follow


Trading is very wide and huge field where there are so many traders in this market trying out their luck and skills. Trading is nothing but an exchange of goods and services between two entities. Here are some of the trading rules or golden rules of trading that is to be followed by all the traders for successful and effective trading.

TOP 10 Trading Rules

Essential trading rules that you must follow

  • Always make sure that you divide your capital and invest in different trades to not risk all of your income.
  • Make equal parts of your capital to not risk all your money, particularly in the 10 equal proportions.
  • Always trade for those stocks that have a good future or high volume in order to make higher profits.
  • Be sure that you always stick by your risk management rules and use the stop losses, always plus don’t over trade.
  • Always keep in mind to not let your profits turn in to losses where you can take advantage of trailing stops to lock and protect your profits.
  • Always keep your self calm where your just don’t get into the market because you can wait and step out of this market just because you have lost your calm and patience.
  • Always wait for the market to signal their top and bottom instead of you guessing whether the market is going on top or bottom.
  • Just don’t average a trailing trade. Also, avoid trading where you can suffer big loses and gain lesser profits.
  • This is a dynamic platform and be aware of the risk where you can lose. So, always trade with risk capital that is genuine.
  • Never over trade and loose out on all your money, know all your boundaries and limits and trade accordingly keeping everything in mind.
  • Know what are your financial capabilities and trade accordingly don’t over spent your money where you lose out on all your money and other things too.
  • Always keep your emotions in control and don’t let that effect your decisions you are going to make.
  • Don’t let your fear and greed come in your way over the winning positions you can make.
  • In such a huge field always avoid the rumors and false tips given by people who have vested interest.

These are some of the golden trading rules that you must keep in mind to not go wrong in trading and gain high profits.

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