Best trading apps for your smartphones


Now we live in a world of technology where everything is so dynamic where everything just keeps changing in a short span of time. There was a time where people used to trade a lot but were not able to keep a track on the same. But now it is not the same, the time has changed; the technology has changed. There are many applications that are built which you can install in your phone so that you don’t lose out on the track and can make decisions must faster and quickly just by one click in your smart phones and you are good to go.

The 5 Best Stock Ticker Apps for Android

Best trading apps for your smartphones

Zerodha Kite

Zerodha Kite is one of the finest trading applications that you can have in your phone for streaming live data and keep a track on the market with full depth. There are many advanced charts too that you can use which has more than 100 indicators.

Fyers Market

Another Best trading app that you must install is Fyers Market. This application comes with many interesting and useful features where they have indicator templates for easy use. You can also receive historical EOD charts for around previous 20 years and other more data.

5Paisa Mobile

5Paisa Mobile is one of the is perfect application that you can have in your phone to keep a track on every single detail of almost every field be it mutual fund, stocks or any other. You can not only receive quotes for BSE and NSE but also easily open a Demat account.

Upstox Pro

Upstox Pro is another finest software that you can pick if you are a trader and want to get all the real time data. With this app you can directly trade and also it comes with TFC feature. There are more than 100 indicators that and many such features.

These are some of the best trading apps that you can install in your phone which will give all the info in real time so that you can make decisions in a quick span of time. you can get all the news deliver in your phones and keep a track on every single information that is essential for you to know. They are built with many features for every trader where they make sure you receive the best experience. Keep visiting to know more.

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