Best money transfer apps


There was a time where transferring money wasn’t easy. Before transferring or lending money was such a huge task and risky too. But now the world is full of technology where everything is so easy and simple. Now with everything else you can also transfer money from one person to another where you don’t have to worry about any risk like loosing money or robbery instead a simple click and you can transfer money from one person to another. There are many apps but some of the best apps that are safe and secure are listed down.

7 Best Money Transfer Apps In India (2019) -- For Easy Digital ...

Best money transfer apps


Paytm is one of the best money transfer application that you can pick which have more than one million users which makes it one of the largest platforms for transferring money online. You can transfer money to each other by linking your bank account which is best for merchants and customers from your wallet and enjoy other services too.

Google Pay

Google Pay is also one of the best money transfer apps that you can use for transferring your cash digitally. Being one of the best companies google also make sure that they give all the basic services to their users. With google pay you can transfer money and keep your account safe and secured.

Phone Pe

Phone Pe is another top apps that is considered for money transfer. This application is one of the most trusted brands that is used by almost every other person. Here you can transfer money up to 1 lakh rupees at once which is only applicable for the registered users. You can also link multiple accounts in one account and get every detail.


Mobikwik is also one of the best apps that is used and trusted for transferring money online where they know they are safe and secured. They have more than 10 million users that trust them not only for online transfer but many other services provided by them. You also receive SMS for every transaction you make.

These are some of the best money transfer apps that you can pick if you are looking for transferring money online where all your information is safe and secured. You can completely be reliable on them and be sure that everything is safe here. There are many other advantages of using these apps like you can shop or pay your bills, recharge phones and more.

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