Apple smart watches for men


Finally, the clock is ticking for those hoping to get their hands on Apple’s latest, Apple smart watches for men. It’s said the wearable iPhone-compatible is ready for April release. The Apple website claimed it will come in a range of colors and designs. Users will modify it in several different ways. All the watches are similarly rectangular in nature.That involves 34 separate watch options and nine features to wear. Corners are getting rounded off. The variations in designs would be in the different fabrics containing “collections.”

Apple names them “play” edition, “catch sport” version and “screen.” Those who would expect a low-priced version will be disappointed. The Apple Watch starts at $349.

The group’s priciest will be the Watch edition. It features a gold case of 18 karat. The casing has been made twice as hard as standard gold by Apple engineers. The watch comes in two colours, yellow gold and rose gold. Prices are thought to reach level $4,000.

Buyers can also customize their watch to a range of band styles and colors. You’ll have to choose from six types of band and 18 colours.

Thanks to a locking mechanism that slides in and out the bands are interchangeable. The idea is to wear your sports watch with one band and/or dress it up for business or an evening in town with another band.

The watch app is distinctive from those else Apple has on the market and it could take time to get used to.

The digital crown acts like the wheel of a scroll. You have to zoom in and out. Early prototype models show the on-screen interaction in the narrower environment would need to be very accurate.

You can also program your watch for stock-market returns, weather reports and calendar events according to Apple.

Working with your iPhone, this watch helps you to show your contacts, or even use Apple Pay as appropriate. Of example it performs all the normal smart watch activities including sending and accepting wrist calls and reading texts to find out.

The research firm said the Apple Watch will become “the most successful smartwatch ever” and sell this year as many as 20 million units.

Many companies have produced and marketed smart watches, like LG, Pebble, Samsung and Motorola. But none captured the wearable market’s interest and excitement.

Like its iPhone and iPad models, the firm appears to have the eye on what the software consumer today needs. And usually their timing is right to fit Apple smart watches for men.


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