4 Different type of trading in stocks or shares


Trading is one of the most picked choice of investment so that you could earn high returns on the investments made. Trading in simpler terms is nothing but the exchange of goods and services between two people of entity. In today’s time there are many of them who are investing their money on trading especially on stock or share trading is very popular.

4 different type of trading in stocks or shares

Day Trading

One of the most common type of trading is the Day Trading where you purchase and sell stocks and shares in a single day. In this type of share trading a person must be fully professional and completely understand the market. here the transaction is to be made in a single day and trade before the market closes.  This is mainly performed by experienced investors which full knowledge and keen interest.

Scalping Trading

Scalping is also one got the type of trading which is also popularly known as micro trading. Here in scalping trading, the traders mainly focus on short term and small profits repeatedly in a single day. In this trading the holding case is much shorter than compared to day trading that is it has to be done in few minutes. This type of trading is performed by people who has lot of market experience and proficiency.

Swing Trading

Swing Trading another different type of trading which is very popular and performed by many traders. Swing trading is where people focus on capitalizing the short-term trend and patterns of stock market. This share trading is performed by people who are willing to earn profits from the stocks purchased in a few days of time mostly within 7 days. They usually analyze the stock before they invest on.

Momentum Trading

Momentum Trading is also one of the types of trading that is followed by most of the investors. In this trading type the trader will first try to capitalize by identifying the stock that are going up and the stocks that re breaking down. In case there is lower momentum they purchase the stock for improvement and if there is an upward momentum then stocks are sold for receiving higher gains on the same.

These are the four different type of trading that is quite popular in the stock and share market. These types of trading are followed by most of the traders.

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