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In today’s time, we really can’t step out until and unless it is quite necessary for us. In this pandemic situation you surely can’t let your kids step out of the house but at the same time not focusing on their education is also a not right. But you can connect to some of the best online learning apps that is just perfect for you.

K-12 online classes and activities to continue school at home ...


BYJU’S is one of the best apps for learning that you can use. They provide services for ICSE, CBSE and state board services and you can be reliable upon have regular test conducted chapter wise and can get on the detailed analysis report on their performance. With the online video classes, you can get detailed explanation plus sample papers so that your kid can be prepared for the test and exams.

Unfold U

Unfold U is also one of the top online learning apps that you can install in your phones for better performance where the content is available in English and Hindi languages. You can also watch video lessons for easy understanding and full depth knowledge. With the affordable rates by this learning app you can also get detailed analysis on the performance of your child. Also, you can speak to the experts anytime you want.

My CBSE Guide

My CBSE Guide is one of the finest picks for all the CBSE students where you can all their services starting from 3rd class which goes up to 12th class. You can get all the notes for revision for all the CBSE students for free and get all the important questions on the basis of chapters for every subject. They have online test conducted for their students where they make sure they are prepared for exams.

Merit Nation

Merit Nation is another excellent online teaching app where you can receive the best services. This app gives also offers video explanation to the students for better understanding and also receive sample papers to get you prepared for the exams. You can also get Q & A options where you can find all answers at no cost. This application will help you in clearing all your doubts for your homework’s too.

These are some of the best online learning apps that are quite beneficial and useful for everyone student to build up their knowledge and not let your studies get affected.

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